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How to choose a video lesson according to the level of your skills

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Yoga for beginners

Supta Padangusthasana Stage I (Reclining Big Toe Pose I)

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Yoga in statistics: yoga and sport

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Why use straps in Vajrasana?


Iyengar method provides us with different ways of entering a certain pose even if our flexibility leaves a lot to be desired. With a little help from props everyone can try their luck even at more advanced positions. Besides, at the beginning of practice the props help to align correctly our body.  An excellent example […]

How to do Bakasana (crow pose)? (VIDEO)


The crow is not as black as he is painted:) Let this paraphrase of the well-known saying encourage you to see the brief instructions on how to perform one of a seemingly difficult balances. Would you like to impress your friends? Do a crane pose:)

Yoga is a constant journey and evolution


Yoga is a constant journey where you learn how to be aware and present, you learn acceptance and understanding. It’s a work on your body, removing blockages in the body, it’s a continuous development and progress. But for me it is a joy and fun, a great satisfaction that comes from every small step I […]

Acroyoga – fulfill your dream to fly


For some time I’m in love with… AcroYoga It all began with a YouTube film, where Briohny Smith along with her husband in the coastal scenery accompanied by the sound of stimulating music proves, that gravity has no effect on the yogi. The whole film in form of the music video illustrated in slow motion […]

Pitta, Kapha or Vata – your genetic make-up


Each of us is different. And it is not just about appearance or character. Ayurveda developed the concept of “body constitution” also known as a type of body or Prakriti. The constitution of the body is determined by the proportion of the three “doshas” – Pitta , Kapha and Vata , which are present in […]

How to choose a video lesson according to the level of your skills


To help you choose the right film, I introduced a system of icons and colors that will indicate to which level refers each video lesson. And so: lessons for beginners will be marked in green lessons for intermediate will be marked in yellow lessons for advanced will be marked in red Icons placed in the […]

Yoga safety tips – how to safely practice yoga


Yoga makes sense only if we practice it responsibly and taking into account our limitations. Here are some tips that will help you eliminate the risk of injury during yoga practice: If you are pregnant or have health problems consult your physician before you start to practice. Your doctor will help you determine the type and level […]

Christmas is coming! Diet recipe for gingerbread with a banana


Holidays are coming. It’s a high time to start preparations. There is nothing more distinctive and evoking memories, like the smell of cake in the kitchen. But in order not to feel bad and sluggish during this time, when food and sweets are all around, I prepared a recipe for diet gingerbread that resembles traditional […]

Supta Padangusthasana Stage I (Reclining Big Toe Pose I)


सपपदङ षसन supta = lying down, reclining pada = foot angusta = big toe Reclining big toe postur Indications sciatica lower back pain flat feet bad posture digestive problems menstrual discomfort hypertension paralysis of the legs, pregnancy Contraindications and Cautions diarrhea hamstrings injuries headache high blood pressure: rest yor your head and neck on a […]