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Acroyoga – fulfill your dream to fly


For some time I’m in love with… AcroYoga It all began with a YouTube film, where Briohny Smith along with her husband in the coastal scenery accompanied by the sound of stimulating music proves, that gravity has no effect on the yogi. The whole film in form of the music video illustrated in slow motion […]

Pitta, Kapha or Vata – your genetic make-up


Each of us is different. And it is not just about appearance or character. Ayurveda developed the concept of “body constitution” also known as a type of body or Prakriti. The constitution of the body is determined by the proportion of the three “doshas” – Pitta , Kapha and Vata , which are present in […]

Yoga in statistics: yoga and sport


Yoga can be a fantastic addition to any kind of sport. Hatha yoga is a thousand years old system that allows you to optimize all the body functions, boost the immune system and achieve mental balance. So it certainly complements any kind of sport that you train with passion. However, according to studies yoga can […]