Video lessons

How to do Bakasana (crow pose)? (VIDEO)


The crow is not as black as he is painted:) Let this paraphrase of the well-known saying encourage you to see the brief instructions on how to perform one of a seemingly difficult balances. Would you like to impress your friends? Do a crane pose:)

Yoga is a constant journey and evolution


Yoga is a constant journey where you learn how to be aware and present, you learn acceptance and understanding. It’s a work on your body, removing blockages in the body, it’s a continuous development and progress. But for me it is a joy and fun, a great satisfaction that comes from every small step I […]

Hanumanasana (monkey pose)


In this video you will see how to perform hanumanasana. You will also get some general tips on how to prepare yourself for this pose. Don’t forget to do a proper warm-up before you will practice this advanced pose.