Acroyoga – fulfill your dream to fly

For some time I’m in love with… AcroYoga :) It all began with a YouTube film, where Briohny Smith along with her husband in the coastal scenery accompanied by the sound of stimulating music proves, that gravity has no effect on the yogi. The whole film in form of the music video illustrated in slow motion is really impressive, especially, if someone like me, is extremely sensitive to the composition of picture and sound. Music plays a huge role in my life in terms of discovering my emotions and probably that is why this form appeals to me.

What is AcroYoga, I will write soon in a separate post. What however AcroYoga is for me? I do not know yet, because I haven’t had the opportunity to try it. But I will surely tell you, when I find out, because I can say with absolute certainty, that I will take the challenge!

But in the meantime I watch the movie again and agian, hoping that I can soon prove myself in the role of flyier. With 50 kilograms and 167 cm I seem to be perfect for this. There is something beautiful in this game of yoga and acrobatics. Fluent and subtle movements, grace and apparent ease of the most difficult bends and configurations command not only respect, but also arouse a lot of other emotions. How much trust does it take to follow your partner? You have to feel confident with your partner, who is your basis in these evolutions. It’s almost like a dance, where you allow your partner to lead. You just simply glide in response to his signals. This is a unique combination of mysticism of yoga and creativity of acrobatics. Experienced practitioners are free in the performance – imagination is the only limit.

Although it is known, that this kind of practice is not closely related to yoga in its purest form, but with yoga it is like with everything else in the world – it evolves and transforms into various directions. It is certainly something worth to try, if you like challenges, constantly want to prove yourself, leave the comfort zone, experience new emotions, or, like me, you find pleasure and satisfaction in the process of continuous learning and improvement. What fascinates me in yoga, and also what I see in this modern form of it is the grace combined with a strength and endurance. If there is any activity that combines all these elements, it is certainly yoga. But the passion for disciplines, that require more strength, I inherited from my father, who was engaged in sports gymnastics. The image of the silhouette suspended in the air and retained in the frame somehow stuck in my mind as a symbol of the pursuit of what may seem unattainable, the symbol of continuous improvement. What better reminds us to reach the stars as a picture of a man rising into the air against all the laws of physics?

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