Pitta, Kapha or Vata – your genetic make-up

Each of us is different. And it is not just about appearance or character. Ayurveda developed the concept of “body constitution” also known as a type of body or Prakriti. The constitution of the body is determined by the proportion of the three “doshas” – Pitta , Kapha and Vata , which are present in each of us. We are born with it and can not change it. But if we know what type we are, we can control the selection of appropriate food for us and, as a result, it gives us the ability to influence on how we feel. There are many benefits of determining your body constitution. It can literally change your life. Do you already know what type you are? If not, find out by doing the following test.

Read the following questions and circle the answer that best describes you.








Bowel movements


Weather preferences


Ability to acquire information





Health problems


Once you have chosen the answers which best define you, sum up the number of letters V, P and K and see which letter prevails. If any of doshas is 50% or more, then we talk about pure body constitution. Thus, you can specify your constitution as vata, pitta or kapha.

However, we are rarely able to definitely identify ourselfs as one of these types, and most of us is double-dosha type. This means that two doshas are dominant and the third is relatively low. For example, if the test shows that about 40 % of the answeres fall into category pitta and kapha and around 20 % into vata, it means, that you are a pitta -kapha type. Depending on the number of answers wihich prevails, you may be either kapha – pitta or pitta-kapha type. Other possible doshas combinations are following:

vata – kapha (or kapha – vata )

vata – pitta ( vata or pitta )

Each of us is a unique combination of vata, pitta and kapha. Fluctuations of these energies have an impact on our physical condition and health. Read my next articles to find out how you can affect for example your mood through diet depending on your body constitution.

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